Results of the CIR in Pompadour: Victory in the category of 4-year olds !



Eight our young horses participated at the CIR in Pompadour (19), to furthermore qualify for the final of the young horses.




Very good age-group the 4-year-olds:
ARISTIDE DE HUS (Conrad x Diamant de Semilly) victorious in the group of the 4-year-olds! He was the creator of two times faultless and incredible performance, and a good NEP-grade.
ANIBALE DE HUS (Conrad x Argentinus) is twice faultless.
VODKA DE HUS (Vivaldi du Seigneur x Cornet Obolensky) is also twice faultless.

the 5-year-olds were promising also :
ELDORADO DE HUS (Diarado x Balou du Rouet) approves his excellent season: twice faultless !
DIEGO DU POINT DU JOUR (Vivaldi du Seigneur x Clinton) also made it twice without mistakes.
FALCON DE HUS (Bazooka x Adlantus),after a very unlucky first round, he manages to leave the second daywith only 4 points.

6-year-olds :
QUABOCHE DE HUS (Quality x Lifestyle)has a faultless the first day and 4 points the second second one, still he qualifies for third place because there were only two of the competitors faultless!
COMING MAN (Clinton x Corrado) is also faultless the first day and has 4 points teh second day; he also qualifies for a fourth place.