At the Haras de Hus, we have gathered exceptional samples of the best bloodlines whether we looked for stallions, breeding stock or sport horses. Our team members are highly qualified professional individuals. Everyday, we lead the Haras de Hus with our key values in mind:

Our relationship with our clients is based on a honest and crystal clear business:
  • You will know our true opinion of the capacities of our horses;
  • We commit to match these capacities and a realistic price (prices are known in advance and do not change depending on the client);
  • If the sale has to be canceled within the agreed terms and conditions of the contract, the Haras guaranties to pay back or replace the horse within the 3 months.
Our horses: What you see is what you get:
  • Our horses are prepared and shown to you naturally. At the Haras de Hus, we do not use any artificial technique to enhance their performance;
  • We train our horses on grids, with routine gymnastic work and good quality flatwork, all this with their physical integrity in mind. Our riders receive regular training sessions from top level professionals.
Young horses for sale at the Haras de Hus

In our opinion, a lot of young horses are over produced in their early competition years. They then get to 6 or 7 years old in a sorry state and sometimes miss out on a great career.

We treat the age classes as a training course to help us build up our horses for the bigger sport, rather than an competition in itself.

If some of our horses do succeed in such classes, it means that they were naturally ready to do so. We will not push them as we favour their long term career.

Our main concern is to ensure that our horses are well trained, so that we can guarantee our clients safety and their enjoyment. We believe our horses rideability will take them to the top of their abilities.

Each year, we select about twenty 3 years old per olympic discipline (dressage, jumping and eventing) to join our stables. These horses will be sold between 3 and 7 years old. The progression of their training does determine the optimum time for their sale. Only some of our stallions are not for sale.

To train and produce a young horse in our Haras costs about ten thousand Euros per year. We do advise that our clients keep this in mind and look at the younger horses (3 to 4 years old) for a cheaper cost. As well, buying a horse of such age will allow you to build up your relationship and progress together (with professional coaching).

Welcome to Hus: Come with us and share our passion for beautiful top quality horses!

Foals / Broodmares for sale Dressage

Here at the Haras de Hus, we have gathered many exceptional samples of the best possible dam lines.

You also can choose and book the purchase of your future foal from any of these exceptional mares. Embryo transfers from any of these mares are also available, with the option to pick the sire of the future baby. For all enquiries, please contact our team.

Our commercial philosophy

3 years old


Male - 3 years old
Breed: Z
Price: 10000 € >> details


Male - 3 years old
Breed: Oldenburg
Price: 10000 € >> details