Bandeau photo
Bandeau photo

Before the performance, a long period of training is necessary for the construction of the horse whatever the discipline envisaged.

We first emphasize well-being and understanding, thanks to learning techniques adapted to horses, allowing them to obtain the trust necessary for their progress. Our techniques are based on the latest scientific research in equine ethology.

Once the horse is confident, receptive and permeable to the rider's requests, we can adapt his work according to his physique and seek his development in line with his conformation.

With a structure dedicated to the education of horses (Open boxes on courtyards, paddocks, semi-covered arena (25x60), covered lunging ring, round of Havrincourt, 10-seater oval walker), the team of the education center offers you different services:

  • Education
  • Re-education
  • Foal and yearling education
  • Preparation for auctions
  • Stallion preparation
  • Internships / courses
  • Professional training
  • Audit

The Co-nect team:

Robyn, of English nationality, has traveled a lot with and for horses (France, Italy, England, Ireland, Czech Republic, New Zealand…) always with the aim of understanding them and being understood. Arrived at Haras de Hus in 2010 within the team, she devotes herself to the education of horses at the education center with Sébastien.

Sébastien has always been in the company of horses, coming from a family of winegrowers, he studied in this field and finalized his studies with a master's degree in science and management before returning to his first passion, horses. In order to better understand them, he joined the long training course at the Haras de la Cense, including monitoring and the federal ethological riding certificates level 1, 2 and 3. After a year in Montana (USA), where the wild aspect of horses makes it easier to understand their nature, he trained with the greatest horsemen (Andy BOOTH, Ray HUNT, Buck BRANAMANN, Lou SCARLETT, Jeff GRIFFITH, Charlotte DENNIS…).

Preserving the physical and mental balance of the horse is our priority.