Mare de 11 ans, CHESTNUT, Z


Mare of 11 year(s), CHESTNUT, Z

An exciting line, provided with great international champions at all levels!


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Sire: Elvis Ter Putte

Elvis Ter Putte combines the blood of Diamant de Semilly, Darco and Quidam de Revel.

He finished 6th in the World Championship for 6-year-olds in Lanaken then 4th in the Belgian Championship for 7-year-olds. Elvis Ter Putte continued his career at international level under the saddle of Karline De Brabander. Thus, in 2015, he was 2nd in a 1m50 at the CSI3* in Pforzheim, 4th in the 1m45 events at the CSI2* in Knokke and CSI3* in Antwerp, 5th in a 1m45 event at the CSI3* in Windsor, 8th in the 1m45 events of the CSI5* of Paris and CSI3* of St-Lô, 9th in a 1m50 at the CSIO5* of Lumlmen... and ranks in the GP CSI2* of Knokke, CSI3* of Windsor. He finished 10th in the Sires of the World in Lanaken, a performance he will repeat in 2017.

In 2016, he took part in several CSI4* events.

The production of Elvis Ter Putte is showing more and more quality and is now displayed on all terrains. He is now 29th father in the WBFSH jumping ranking in 2022 and 67th in the eventing ranking. Among its first winners:

- Levis de Muze, finalist of the European Championship in 2021 with Loli Mytilineou, CSI5*

- Mosito Vh Hellehof, CSI5* with Bernardo Alves

- Loulou Vls, 6th of the GP CSI2* of Valkenswaard, 10th of a 1m50 at the CSIO of Sopot with Yuri Mansur

- Intenz van HD, CSI4* under American colors

- Elco Van Hof Ter Naillen, CSI3* in Dutch colors, 5th of the GP CSI3* of Knokke, 8th of the GP CSI3* of Valence

- Juristo van het Hagenhof, 5th of the GP CSI2* of Bonheiden, 5th of the GP CSI2* of Sancourt, winner of the Six Bar at the CSI2* of Barbizon

- Hello Zachary, winner of the 7 year olds at the CSI of Oliva in 2019 then CSI*** with Scott Brash

- Melia de Regor, finalist of the 7-year-old World Championship in 2019, CSI*** with Gregory Wathelet

- Mithras de Regor, 3rd in the Belgian Championship for 6-year-olds, CSI4* with Guy Beyers

- Libelle de Muze, finalist of the 7-year-old World Championship in 2018, CSI3* under Belgian colors

- Lysanne Van't Winnenhof, 3rd of the 7/8 year olds at the CSI of Valkenswaard

- Mahalia, 11th of the 7-year-olds at the Mondial du Lion d'Angers

- Nora de Mariposa, winner of the 7 year olds at the CSI** of Oliva with Jerôme Guery

He has more than twenty approved stallion sons including the BWP Expertise Champion in 2015 Manchester Van't Paradijs, but also: Mosito Vh Hellehof, Leonardo de la Pomme, Luxor Vd Coninckshoeve, L'Hermès de Muze, Little Boy de la Pomme, Moneymaker Van't Meulenhof, Mithras de Regor, Messi of Colors, Nijinsky de Kalvarie, Nestor de Mariposa, Qartoon de Muze, Vice-Champion of BWP Expertise 2019...

Dam: Mom's Ikea van't Roosakker

Besides Elektra Hero Z, Ikea van't Roosakker has also produced great sport horses, such as:

The Esprit Hero Z, winner with Dermott Lennon (Ireland) in 1.60m events,

Lexicon II Van't Roosakker, 1.55m events with his Swiss rider Arnaud-Philippe Bonvin,

Second dam: Electra van't Roosakker

Great competitors with her partner Jos Lansink, the couple have ranked numerous times in 1.60m events.

She has, in addition to her sporting career, left her mark in the world of breeding, producing horses such as:

Horpleasure van't Roosakker, ridden in 1.60m events by his rider Manon Hebette,

Kaprice, 1.60m events with world number 1 Kent Farrington,

James Bond van't Roosakker (1.45m with Michael Hughes),

Imke van't Roosakker (1.45m with Franck Schuttert) and dam of Nelson van't Roosakker (1.65m with Marit Haarr Skollerud), Onatella van't Roosakker (1.50m with Karel Cox),

Jolly Girl van't Roosakker, dam of Notre-Dame van't Roosakker (1.50m with Eric ten Cate), Z Golden Girl Hero Z (1.45m with Nick Bossaerts), Panama van't Roosakker (1.45m with Frank Schuttert),

Estrella Hero Z, 1.45m with Victor Bettendorf, and dam notably of Prianti de Tiji (1.45m with Mathieu Bourdeaud'Hui)

Third dam: Atoucha van't Roosakker

She is the mother of exceptional internationals, such as:

Falco van't Roosakker, 1.60m with Eugenio Grimaldi,

MOM'S Gatoucha Van't Roosakker (Gwenny van't Roosakker), 1.50m with Michael Korompis, but also dam of Tinkoucha Hero Z (1.60m with Leonie Peeters), Attoucha Hero Z (1.60m with Paris Sellon), H5 Alana Hero Z (1.50m with Hannes Symons), Maestro van't Roosakker (1.45m with Maggie Hill),

Hiamant van't Roosakker, dam of VDL Groep Elegant Hero Z (1.60m with Leopold Van Asten), Kerswin van't Roosakker (1.45m with Roosje Brouwer), H5 Ganesh Hero Z (1.45m with Carlos Hank Guerreiro) ,

Inka van't Roosaker, mother of Zarkava Hero Z (1.60m with Johnny Pals), Leonardo van't Roosaker (1.50m with Adriano Di Canto)...


Fourth dam: Usha van't Roosakker

Usha van't Roosakker, a true breeding legend, needs no introduction. Producing both international show jumping stars and mares capable of transmitting the qualities required to their foals to themselves become these sporting partners at the highest level.

Thus, Usha van't Roosakker, in addition to her career with Modolo Zanotelli in 1.50m events, has produced:

Aquita van't Roosakker, herself the mother of Harkito van den berg (1.60m with Jessica Geurts), Mufasa (1.60m with Emilie Conter),

Britt van't Roosakker (1.45m with Jerôme Ringot), mother of Athena (1.60m with Vincent Voorn),

Babbe van't Roosakker (1.60m with Cara Raether Carey), produced Erco van't Roosakker (1.60m with Lorezno de Luca), Bingo de la Roque (1.50m with Ronan Peter McGuigan), Giorgio van' t Hangenhof (1.60m with Caitlin Creel), Dulhan de la Roque (1.60m with Reynald Angot), Geena van't Roosakker (1.55m with Janika Sprunger), second dam of Jivaro imperio Egipcio (1.60m with Francisco José Mesquita Musa), Kheros van't Hoogeinde (1.60m with Rene Lopez Lozarazo), Kipling van't Hagenhof Z (1.50m with Francisco Rocha), Fabio van't Hagenhof Z (1.60m with François Bossu),

Cella, Ben Maher's leading mare, with whom they have won a string of victories over 1.60m, herself the mother of Fabio van't Roosakker (1.55m with Melissa Vanzani), Happy Wandor van't Roosakker (1.60m with Carlos Ramirez ), Handor van't Roosakker (1.50m with Jerôme Guery), and his daughter Hera van't Roosakker (1.40m with Teoline Bella), present at the breeding, which you can find by clicking here.

Evita van't Roosakker, who produced Isaac Vd Bisschop (1.60m with Hansueli Sprunger), Jackson Vd Bisschop (1.60m with Matt Archer), Melvin Vd Bisschop (1.55m with Chloe Aston)...

Emperio van't Roosakker (1.60m with Emanuele Camilli),

Equador van't Roosakker (1.60m with Frederic David),

George Z (1.50m with Daniel Deusser),


ELEKTRA HERO Z ranked in the 1.40m events with her rider Rodrigo Giesteira Almeida (Portugal).


ELEKTRA, whose career was devoted to sport, is currently the mother of two offspring, born in 2017.

Romesse de Tiji (by SEA COAST DON'T TOUCH TIJI HERO) is currently competing in CSIYH1* (1.30m) with her rider Jill Smits. She has several foals, including a foal by COMMANDER HK Z, sold for €13,000 at foal auction 111 in 2022.