Gelding de 6 ans, BLACK, HAN


Gelding of 6 year(s), BLACK, HAN


Gelding de 6 ans, BLACK, HAN


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Sire : Toto Jr (Glock's)

Toto Jr. is the first approved stallion son of the legendary Totilas. In 2014 he won his stallion performance test in Ermelo with 86 points. His flawless character, extraordinary will and reliability combined with his exceptional basic gaits promise him a bright future in dressage.

Toto Jr. exhibits excellent coverage in his walk, trot and canter, which impress with their elasticity and balance, which he transmits to his offspring.


Daughter of DON JUAN DE HUS, who has never ceased to be talked about during his lifetime and has continued since his tragic disappearance. Through his extraordinary gait and sporting success on the one hand, and also through his offspring which, like their father, dominate young horse shows as well as stallion approvals.

In the Top 100 of the SHF, DON JUAN DE HUS is at the head of the ranking of the best sires of young horses, leaving the others far behind him. It has 19 products entered in competition ahead of SOLIMAN DE HUS (11) and QUATERBACK (5). Its products have accumulated € 8718.84 in earnings (SOLIMAN € 3177.1). According to the ranking of the best sires of young horses of the German Equestrian Federation 2017, DON JUAN DE HUS is in 3rd place with a value of 168 and 91% probability of success.

In 2018, for the second consecutive year, a son of DON JUAN DE HUS was crowned World Champion in Ermelo. D'AVIE and Severo Jurado Lopez won the 6-year-old final with incredible scores of 10 galloping, 9.8 trotting, 8 walking, 9 submission and 9.5 potential! In the 5-year-old category it was DORIAN GRAY DE HUS and Jessica Michel Botton who made the talk. With the scores of 9.5 at the trot, 9 at the walk and submission, 8.9 at the gallop and 9.4 for the potential they finished in fifth place but the public would have seen them at the top of the podium!

DORIAN GREY DE HUS also marked the Great Week of Saumur by winning the French Championship for the second year in a row. Other sons and daughters of DON JUAN DE HUS were rewarded in Saumur such as DYONISOS DE HUS, Champion of male foals, FABIO DE HUS, Vice-Champion 2 years old males, FRAGOLINO DU PARC, Champion 3 years old males, FORTUNE CARREE DE HUS , Champion 3 years females, DON VITO DE HUS, Vice-Champion CC 4 years, ELLIE PRAILLE, Champion CL 4 years, DIOR DE GREZ NEUVILLE, Champion CL 2nd year 5 years, .. Thanks to his production, DON JUAN DE HUS is again at the top of the TOP 100 SHF best sire of young dressage horses! In the ranking of the best sires of young horses of the German Equestrian Federation 2018, DON JUAN DE HUS wins a place and is on the second step of the podium!


Second dam: WYELLA

His sire WANDERBURSCH II is a very elegant and talented stallion. He comes from the best Hanoverian bloodlines. In 1988 he finished runner-up in his endorsement at Verden. He has 6 approved sons and 28 state award winning daughters. His products go up to S class as well as in dressage and show jumping.

Among the products of WYELLA there is LAURENTIO, by LAURIES CRUSADOR xx, stallion approved in Oldenburg, Hanover, Rheinland, Westphalia and Denmark. In 2005, he qualified for the German Championships for young horses and he is the father of:

LIGHT AND EASY, Approval Champion in Verden

LLOYD WEBBER, Vechta Approval Champion

LET'S TALK ABOUT, in 2007, was sold for 170,000 € at Medingen, Top Price of the sale.

She also produced STARLETT DE HUS (with SAMBA HIT), champion of France at 4 with Jessica Michel then finalist at 5, who is now riding under the saddle of Swiss international rider Céline Michaud.


Third dam : GINA

GINA, is a state award winning mare. Her father, GRANDE has 46 approved sons including the famous GRAPHIT, and approximately 30 state award winning daughters.

Three of its products participated in the Olympic Games:

• GRANDE GISO for the Netherlands

• LARGE for the USA

• GUTE SITTE for Belgium.

GRANDE can be found in many origins both in dressage and in jumps:


• GALAPAGOS (which participated in the 1982 World Championships),


• GIGOLO, multi-medalist at the Olympic Games, World and European Championships as well as winner of numerous national titles with his rider Isabelle Werth ...





  • 4th of the French Cycle Libre Championships 1st year 4 years old
  • French Champion of 3-year-old Geldings ridden in 2021
  • 3rd in the French championship for male foals.
  • 3rd in the 5-year-old preliminary and final rounds at Le Mans (2023)
  • 3rd in the preliminary 5-year label at Laval (2023)
  • Winner of the 5-year-old Label preliminary in Hennebont (2023)