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Our techniques

A story, a team, an expertise... it all starts here!

Insemination, OPU (Ovum pick-up), implantation and transfer of frozen embryos, sexing, choose the desired technique for your mare with the stallion of your choice, conducted by an international and recognized veterinary team, all in compliance with best veterinary practices.

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Rigorous and precise veterinary monitoring of your mares 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Trusted by the best French and European stallions handler.

Assistance with administrative procedures.

Insemination in fresh, refrigerated, frozen (deep), in limited doses.

Insemination by straw.

Gynecological consultations for subfertile mares, infertility treatment.


OPU / Ovum pickup

Our international team has been trained in the best European laboratories.

Transport of oocytes by private driver.

Assistance with administrative procedures and health checks.

Compliance with good veterinary practices.

Help with the straw sourcing, rare genetics ("Paillettes party" - contact us).

Experience of more than 200 punctures since 2020.



Male or female ?

From 60 days of gestation, the Hus Reproduction team is able to determine the sex of your future foal.

Embryo transfer

Our expertise for your mares.

An experience of more than 5000 transfers.

Put the odds on your side, catch the dream with Hus!

Implantation of frozen embryos

Get the best results from our team of experts.

Experience and Expertise.

More than 12 years by your side.

Advice, expertise, breeding management, fertility.

Modern and secure structure.

Long-term reception and easy procedures.

More than 90% of mares in foal at the end of the season.

Photo and video capture service for your mares for sale.

Open to all breeders and for all mares.