About Hus

Haras de Hus is one of the largest and most prestigious show jumping, dressage and eventing horsebreeder in France.

Founded in 2004 by Xavier Marie, the Haras de Hus is today recognized worldwide for the quality of its damlines, the importance given to the detection and training of its young horses, and for the results of the horses « de Hus » on the most beautiful tracks in the world.

Our philosophy above all: respect for the physical and mental well-being of our horses!

The affix "de Hus" continues to shine on the competition arenas, from young horse events to the highest level. Thus, sporting successes have been accumulated with the silver medals for the French team of Silvana de Hus during the Equestrian Games of Lexington, the one of Conrad de Hus in individual during the European championships of Aachen, an arena that also have seen Corée de Hus victory in the Grand Prix. We can also count the team bronze medal at the last Tokyo Olympic Games for Quel Homme de Hus, already gold medalist at the European Championships in Rotterdam. Valentino de Hus Z, Que Bueno de Hus Z, Tsunami de Hus, or Blueberry de Hus are horses from the Haras that you will enjoy following on the most beautiful international events. In Dressage, we were able to follow Riwera de Hus at the Olympic Games, as well as Don Juan de Hus, Hermès de Hus, Dorian Grey de Hus and Djembe de Hus at the World Young Horse Championships, to name but a few...

Today, the Haras de Hus is resolutely turned towards the future by investing in the very latest equine reproduction techniques (insemination, embryo transfer, ovum pick-up /OPU) while continuing to breed and train horses with confirmed and promising genetics, both for fine sport and for exceptional breeding.

Welcome in Haras de Hus universe!