Bandeau photo
Bandeau photo

Our facilities

The Haras de Hus has functional infrastructures that allow horses of all ages and all sport discipline to grow and be trained in the best conditions. In addition to the recent buildings, designed to optimize daily maintenance for the teams, the estate has several old stone buildings, including staff accommodation as well as reception and offices.
The place is organized into several poles, each having a well-defined function;

Sporting division

The dressage and showjumping stables have 33 boxes each, and surround the large 100 x 60m sand arena.

Two other outdoor arenas of 60 x 20m are located at the castle.

A grass arena, 100 x 60m contains a hard hilltop, as well as a natural river.

Our recognizable indoor arena offers beautiful dimensions (67 x 20m), perfect for Olympic training in dressage.

We also have a round of Havrincourt, a walker and a 900m gallop track in the forest.

Breeding division

4 stables are intended to accommodate breeding mares, as well as two stalls. Those are semi-covered, allowing horses social contact and access to the outdoors.

We have a state-of-the-art laboratory as well as reproduction center which welcomes our clients' broodmares for insemination, embryo transfer and OPU.

Education division

The education center is located at the entrance of the Haras, and has a stable of 40 modular boxes with adjoining paddocks, an oval walker, a round of Havrincourt, a round arena for work on feet , paddocks, an outdoor arena and a large covered arena.

The Haras de Hus has more than 240 hectares of meadows, and has an organic feed factory, one of the first in Europe.

Discover our facilities in photos below.